Work Planning & Controls /
Activity Manager

Work Planning and Control (WPC) is a program to implement integrated safety management (ISM). The main goals of WP&C are the following:

  • All hazards are analyzed and controlled

  • All workers demonstrate that they are qualified to perform activities

  • All work is authorized

  • All authorizations (job hazard analysis, activity hazard documents, biological use authorizations, rad work authorization) are combined in a single program

Activity Manager (AM) is a software tool to implement Work Planning & Control using a graded approach. Each activity is assigned an Activity Lead from a pool of employees authorized by Division Management to create and oversee activities. The Activity Lead defines the scope and location of the activity and selects the hazards from a library, which may be easily refined for more specificity. Based on the hazards, Activity Manager assigns controls and a risk level (low:1, medium:2, high:3). High risk activities require concurrence from an EH&S subject matter expert and explicit authorization from Division Management.